Snowy days ❄

Over the last few days the snow has been hitting Aberystwyth on and off. We’ve had big gushes of wind, when the snow has hit it has come down hard. Schools and alot of work places were shut due to it.

As I was stuck in for the last two days, I was quite bored and I had nothing to do. So when my Partner got home from his job we decided to go out in the snow.

Now, even though it doesn’t look like much there- we managed to bulid a little snowman, have a few snowball fights (in which ofcourse, I won) and we just had fun.

Sadly, it’s all started to clear up. Most of it has just turned into black ice.

Even though we don’t get to see the Snow much in Wales and it was absolutely freezing. Watching the snow fall onto the ground was probably one of the most beautiful things.


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