Goodbye negativity. 🖑

So, for a long time I’ve dealt with certain people who have made my life a downfall. Recently, I have realised that when I have let these people into my life, I’ve become a person of who I can’t explain. I became more snappy, more in your face, and for quite some time the drama, it was funny.

But since cutting these people out of my life, I’ve become a better human being. My friends and my family have seen a big change in myself, which does make me quite happy.

The thing that upsets me the most, is that these negative people I called friends for quite sometime. I would be there to listen to their problems, when people was verbally abusing them, I’d be there to help.

But this is the thing, you can’t help people who don’t want the help. Having “friends” that can sit there and lie about being “raped”. That can lie about people “beating them, that can sit there and lie and make you out to be the problem, when really its them. But most of all, having people that can sit there and lie so many times about having a “miscarriage” well, that must be truly messed up inside and out.

So to those people, goodbye. It was some fun having you apart of my life, but I’m not gonna be treated like a mug or a fool anymore. Snip snip bitches.

Also, for those who probably think that this is about my partners ex. It is not. (Just before the rumours wanna start) 😆


6 thoughts on “Goodbye negativity. 🖑

    1. Its took a long time to get this one individual out of my life, but now that she has gone, I feel so much better!


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