Dear my three wonderful children,

You three are so very special to mummy. Not only do you make me smile, not only do you make my heart race every single time you jump on me for a huge cuddle; but you all make me so proud.

So here is an open letter from mummy to you.


From the moment I looked into those beautiful big blue eyes, you changed my life. I went from a person who didn’t care about anything to a person that was full of love. From day one; you light up the room everytime you smiled. I remember one night, me and you was cuddling on the sofa together. You must’ve been only around 7 months old and you looked at me and said “mummy”. I had never been happier just to hear that one word.

Last week, we sat down and you made me this puzzle. Even though you got frustrated a few times because some pieces wouldn’t fit together, you managed it. You are such an independent beautiful little boy. Thankyou for letting mummy grow with you.


You are too adorable for words. Watching you grow into the little boy that you are, it makes me light up. When you draw or paint, I like to sit there and watch you. With you, there can be no mistakes, everything has to be perfect. But baby, please remember that to me, everything you do is perfect. You are a boisterous little boy, but you also are kind, caring and loving. The way you look after your older and younger brother really does amaze me. You protect them, with all your heart and soul and I know that no matter what happens, you will always be there for them.


How has 19 months gone so quickly? I remember like it was yesterday you being a tiny little baby that was ill and couldn’t do much and now look at you! Your talking, your walking, your a sassy one year old! As like your older brother Mason, you are a very independent little boy. You like to play with your cars and trucks alone, but if someone wants to play with you, you let them. You like your cuddles, you absolutely love kisses on your noses, you scream with laughter when I try and tickle you. It makes me happy to see you happy. You’re smart, well developed in your age, you are reaching all your milestones. Baby, I can’t even begin to explain the love I have for you.

So boys, keep doing what you are doing. Enjoy your life, be happy. God didn’t put you on this Earth for nothing. Make your mistakes, but learn from them but, no matter what, I will always be proud of the three amazing boys that I get to call my children. I love you all so much. ā¤


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