Dear Ex,

Why did you do what you did to me? Why did you think it was okay to break me down and throw me to one side? Why did you think it was okay to use me? I have so many questions for you to answer, but the words never come out.

You fed me lie after lie, line after line, and I was mouth wide open thinking you were mine.

I tried, I fought, I cried, I wasted good years on you. Everything I did, was for you but it was just never enough.

We spent 5 years together, and for alot of that time, we was not healthy. The arguments we had, the screams, the cries, it was awful. Neither of us deserved that as a life.
What killed me the most out of it all though – is how you just chucked me to one side when there was a better offer. That wasn’t right and I would never of hurt you like that.

The reason I wrote this today, not because I hate you, not because you make me hate myself, but because I finally have forgiven you for what you did to me.

And now, I feel free.


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