A working progress.

When I was younger, I loved colouring books. I could sit there for hours, colouring in the same part of the book because to me, it had to be perfect.

As I was growing up, I realised I had a huge love for drawing. I’d go to school, do my lessons and once I got home, I’d sit at the table and draw with my dad. That was our quality time together.

When I reached 16, I started losing my passion. I got pregnant. It was a huge shock. I remember one night I was sat at my mums, drawing and writing poems and something went wrong and in that split second I realised how much my life was gonna change.

And it did.

2 days ago, I finally bucked up the courage and put my Pencil to Paper, Art has always gave me this kind of relief, it’s a feeling I can’t describe. Aboriginal Art & Mandala designs are my favourite. I love the dot work, the colours, the fine lines, to me it’s beautiful.

This is a drawing I done yesterday. It isn’t perfect, the lines could be more straight, things could be more even, but I felt at peace, I felt amazing drawing this. I forgot about all the horrible stuff that has gone on and just focused on myself.

Now at almost 22, my life isn’t exactly perfect, I’ve made many many mistakes, I get angry and upset by the tiny little things. I show my weak side way to often, I try and get along with certain indivudals just to make my life easier.

I am a working progress, and what I have come to realise is, is people can say what they want about me and think what they want about me. I am done with arguments. I am at peace, I feel at ease, but most of all I am finally happy and that is what truly matters.

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6 thoughts on “A working progress.

    1. Thankyou so much. That means alot. Yeah it was a win win, got some peace and quiet and got to draw my favourite animal. I hope you are well!


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