Hello Newport!

Its been 24 hours since I moved here and by god I am loving it already.

I was quite anxious about starting over again. Meeting new people, finding where everything is, learning new things, it scared me… – Today; Its been a wonderful day. I went into town, I got lost a few hundred times, walked around in a million circles, but I loved it. I loved watching the sun going down by the beach, I loved seeing how happy people are in this town.

I think what makes this town better for me most of all, is being so much closer to my family and friends. This time last week, if I wanted to pop down for a visit, I’d have to travel just over 100 miles by bus and it would take me just over 4 hours. Now, I can just get on a train and get off 30 minutes later.

I am finally so incredibly happy. No one watching what I am doing, no more troubles. No more negativity by certain people. Just me, my partner and our new lives with our new little bundle of joy and surprises.

But for now, my unpacking is done. So that means time to sit down, relax and enjoy a nice cuppa tea.

Lets see what this town has for me, I am excited!


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