Be yourself, feel comfortable in your own skin πŸ’•

So today, after ages of thinking about it and talking about it. I have come to the conclusion that I admire people that are always themselves, open to others around them and just being who they are and who they want to be. When I think of my family and friends, I realised that I surround myself with people who share this personality, and I love it.

Personally, from me. It has took a long time for me to feel comfortable in my own skin. I have my flaws, I make mistakes, I struggle with trusting people, but it’s okay because that’s who I am.

I am crazy, I like to have fun, but deep down, I am scared and fragile. I’m scared to hurt, I don’t want to feel the pain. But I’m not gonna lie, a few people I have met of WordPress have took time out of their day to help me open up; and that truly means the world to me. Sometimes, I forget how polite and amazing some people can be.

The point of this story is, I felt inspired. Seeing people on here, on Facebook, on WordPress who express themselves and seeing how confident they are, makes me want to try even more. So, don’t be afraid of who you are, because at the end of the day.. you are you. If people don’t like the way you are, that is their personal opinion and choice and sometimes, there is nothing you can do to change that. So be you, be crazy, be fun, be loving, inspire others, be confident. Be the true you, because you are amazing.


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