For such a long time, I have been dealing with a negative energy. It all started when I was in my first year of high school. I got bullied. I was called names, I got told that I was ugly and that noone wanted me or loved me.

This negative energy started to follow me as I went into Adulthood. I become angry, I become upset. Sometimes, I didn’t want to leave the house. Sometimes, I didn’t want to face reality.. Sometimes, I didn’t even want to wake up. Finally after so long, I went to the doctors and I got diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety. I was given Anti-depressants and was told it will be okay.

That was a year ago…

A year later and I am finally getting back to where I was.

Today, I told myself that I am beautiful. I told myself that it is okay for people to call me names such as “Stalker” “Hater” “Whore” etc etc because these people that choose to judge me, do not know me. I told myself it’s okay to be hurt sometimes, because I will heal.

I make my mistakes, I mess up a hell of alot. Some people like to think that I want their lives & that’s okay too.

What I have learnt though, is that everybody is beautiful inside and out and noone should ever be ashamed of who they are and where they came from.

I am crazy. I am filled with love and hope. I like to give people too many chances, when really I don’t want them near me. I am way too forgiving.

But most of all from what I have learnt, sometimes the best reaction is to not react at all. Just remember, life is what you make it. Don’t let anybody stand in your way, especially those who have a thrill of making others miserable just because they are lonely.

Now, it’s time for me to start my new chapter in my life. With my partner and all of our surprises to come. I will never let myself fall again.πŸ’•


22 thoughts on “Sometimes..

  1. Awhh, bless you! You are such a beautiful gem!❀ stay away from people who make you believe different. When people can’t shake you they will surely try to break you but dont let that phase you. Stay strong & committed to loving you!❀ Once you establish a healthy loving relationship with yourself, you set the tone for every other relationship in your life. 😍😘 great post!

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    1. This was probably the most amazing thing I’ve read in such a long time. Your words were absolutely beautiful to me. Thankyou for being so kind. I hope you are well. πŸ’•

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  2. You are really a beautiful perSon. … both inside and outside. .. most of the people pass through such phase in their life. . And the societies around which we grow are greatly responsible for that. . But when we understand the society rules, and when we understand fully that it is not our responsibility to please everyone around, life becomes easy. .. my main responsibility is to understand myself more and more, in depth. … and not to create the fake faces just to please everyone around. Having a true face, and understand the reality as the way it is, without reacting , is a great realisation. Thank you for sharing this great post.

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    1. Thankyou for your kind comment. You are totally right with everything you say. I think its lovely that you are learning yourself inside and out and I think that is such a beautiful thing. Just remember, life is what you make it. It can be a rollercoaster, but enjoy the ride!

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  3. I’m glad you overcame that phase in your life. I love this thought β€œWhat I have learnt though, is that everybody is beautiful inside and out and noone should ever be ashamed of who they are and where they came from.” Way to go girl!


  4. This is among one of the most beautiful geniune post i’ve read ever, remember you’re the most beautiful soul and do not let people decide about ourselves.It is said that before loving anyone else we should’,ve to love ourselves.I wish you all & happiness in life ahead.πŸ˜‡πŸ’β˜Ί

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  5. Hi my lovely πŸ’Ÿ I truly understand where your coming from, I see my younger self and my young daughter in your post, I see myself as marmite u love me as I am or hate me, we are all beautiful inside.
    Remember you are a beautiful young woman and a beautiful life ahead of you, we all mess up and make mistakes,it’s called living,never be ashamed of who u are or where u came from,that is what made us who we are.
    Please do not react to these people coz that is what they are looking for,best thing IGNORE them, I think they are lonely,jealous and obviously think it’s good to make beautiful people feel miserable.we only live once so be silly,be fun, be different, be you because life is short to be anything but happy

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    1. I really appreciate your comment. This lady who is saying the horrible stuff is my partners ex. She thinks I’m jealous of her and her life, when really.. I am far from it. I have my family, my friends and my little munchkin and that is all i need. I hope you are well πŸ’ž


  6. You are a beautiful and a stronger woman 😍 Focus on living your life. Always remember that people will judge no matter what, so please make sure you do something you want and like. That was a great article, good job ! Take care of yourself and have a wonderful day.


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