Cause Family is what matters.

Growing up, with a Family like mine was pretty amazing – we have amazing days out, we spent quality time together, but most of all, we are a tight knitted family.

I always dreamed of being a parent like how my Mother and Father are. My Father came into my Mothers life when she was pregnant with my Sister. He took my brother & sister on as his own children and helped raise them. I have always thought it was beautiful how a man can take on the responsibility of someone else’s child/children.

Sometimes, I don’t know where I would be without my Family. They’ve stuck by me through the times I cried myself to sleep at night because my past relationship was going down the hill. They were there leading me to the right path after I made my mistakes. They have always been there wether I need them or not.

My Family consists of a mum, a dad, 1 brother and 1 sister, my 3 little boys, 4 nieces & my partner.

So to my Family, I just wanna say thankyou, cause if it wasn’t for any of you I wouldn’t be as strong willed as I am today. You watched me grow, you’ve stuck by me through thick and thin. Ofcourse, we have our arguments, but what family doesn’t? What matters is, is that we are always there to make each other smile and laugh at the end of it.

I love you all. 💗


11 thoughts on “Cause Family is what matters.

    1. I’ve recently just moved closer to my Family and I am loving it! Being away from them for almost 5 years, took its toll! Thankyou love!

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      1. Aw thankyou. I hope you are having a lovely chilled out day! Thankyou for your comment!😀


    1. My Family will always be my everything. They taught me that it’s okay to care and to love & that every human being out there are beautiful inside. Thankyou so much. Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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