My everyday makeup look.

I wanted to do something different. As you all know, my blog is my personal place. I like to talk about love, moments that matter to me and just life in general. But today, I wanted to show you how I do my makeup, tell you what products I use and so on.

Sorry for the bad photo (I just got out of the shower and I am so tired) lets do this!



First of, I normally start with my Eyebrows. The Eyebrows to me are normally quite challenging because as you may know, it can be pretty hard to get that arch and shape right. I then conceal the egdes with my ELF palette.

After that, I got straight in for my eyes, I always wet my brush so that it shows the pigment on my eyes and it’s easier to blend. I went in with the colour yellow as a base, and started using the gold on the base and crease of my eyes, then at the edge of my eyes, I blended in a dirty pink colour to create this effect.



My next step is my face, before my eyes, I always moisturize. I then lead onto a base primer then proceed to layer on my foundation. I highlight just underneath my eyes and on the tip of my nose and use some bronzer for my cheeks. I never really use contour, and if I do, it’s only if I’m heading out but seeing as this is just an “Everyday Look” there is no need. ———————————————————


To me, lips are quite easy. I normally stick to Nudes or Reds. On this day, I thought I would go in with a nude colour as it just went with the look I was going for, but I wanted some “oomph” so I added a tiny bit of red on the inner and sides of my lips.


Final result.

So this is the Final Result. It took me around 40 minutes. I know some of you probably prefer the natural look, but I love using a bit of makeup because I like to create new looks.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and if there is anything else you would like me to try or write about, let me know in the comments.


Products Used.

Pupa Milano – eyebrow pencil.

ELF concealer Pallette – Light.

Jeffree star – Beauty Killer Eyeshadow.

ELF Foundation – Light Ivory

Mac Studio Fix Compact powder.

Barry M – nude lipstick.


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