I’m loving it.

So, it has been a month since I moved to Newport and by god, I am loving it.

After living with my Alex’s dad for a few weeks, last week – we finally had enough money to put down our money for a property. A few days ago, we finally started unpacking and putting things away. We would’ve done it earlier, but we’ve both been SUPER busy with work and also the fact that I have to travel alot during my days off.

Today, I set up this –

Now, I know it doesn’t mean alot to many people, but to me – this means everything. These are my favourite pictures of my 3 amazing little boys. All from when they were babies, up to this moment in time.

Sometimes, Its been a struggle not to have them close by, but having these pictures and seeing them everyday makes me feel a whole lot better. I will be planning on making it alot better and adding more pictures in the near future.

After unpacking, we decided to go on a drive to Cardiff

It was such a beautiful day, the sun was out and shining bright & it was so hot.

We found our new favourite place in South Wales, which was the fountain you see in the photo. Late at night, the colour of the fountain changes and it really is so perfect.

I always thought leaving Aberystwyth was gonna be the hardest thing I have ever done, but really it was the easiest. I’ve got into my college course in Newport, I have my new job, I’ve also been offered to write with a group of girls weekly to earn money (which will help with our bills, etc etc) & I have finally got my own house.

Newport, you really have been so wonderful. Please keep on being great.


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