Being Elizabeth. 💕

Today, our guest blogger is Elizabeth. She is here to talk about her life as a single mother, her goals and her memories.



Hi, my name’s Elizabeth and I like art supplies and cake. I have no top back teeth, have broken several bones in 20 nearly 21 years of life, and I’m always tired. I also have a tiny dictator who lives rent-free in my house, eating all my food and my money too, apparently. I lost my virginity at 15 to someone I fell in love with twice, 4 years apart. My parents don’t know where I live and I have 13 siblings, 2 of whom I don’t speak to, 2 who don’t know I exist, and 4 floating around in either foster care or with their dad. My hands are always freezing and I hate feet. I will only have soup in a cup if it’s minestrone and I absolutely fucking hate peanut butter. Oh and my neighbours have probably seen me naked, courtesy of my giant living room window and a goldfish memory.

My life goals are to become an art teacher ( hence the addiction to art supplies) and teach at a secondary level. I think teenagers are either interesting, or stuck in the tosspot stage of life where they know better than everyone. ( Hands up, who’s been there? Yup, me too). My favourite adult in the world is my nan, She’s pretty golden if I’m honest. She adopted me when I was 7 because my dad didn’t want the responsibility of me. I was a problem to him, not a child. My mum was a mess and I grew up pretty much fending for myself. Don’t feel sorry for me though, because it’s made me a better person. Yeah I had a rough start, but it taught me how to be a good mother to my own son. No one could ever come between us. When I was younger my Nan used to drive up to Berkshire to visit my great grandma, known as Nana to me.

One of my favourite memories is her driving up to visit Nana one weekend, blasting Prince and George Michael on the radio. My nan is tone deaf but what she lacks in musical talent she make up for in “Muchness”. Remember Alice In Wonderland? Where the Mad Hatter talks about how Alice has lost her muchness? Yeah, my nan has so much muchness it’s hard to know where she stores it all. Even now, at 68 years of age, she’s vibrant. We don’t get to see eachother often, with her being at the other end of Wales and all, but we Facetime pretty often and catch up on life. However, my hands down favourite memory with my nan has to be this.

When I was 7, she adopted me. My nan, even though she hated my mum for all she stood for, was always there. Through every Thursday night missed phonecall, waiting every morning for letters that didn’t come. And through it all, she would always say to me ” You know I would take you to see her if that’s what you want?” Even through her hatred for the woman and what she did to me as a young child. She put that aside to make me know I was loved, even if it wasn’t by my mum. My nan loved me enough for two parents, and a grandparent. She still does. And now she loves my son the same way.

People always say to me, “Don’t you regret having your kid so young?” I’m always sure that no, I don’t. If I hadnt, she wouldn’t have gotten so close to her great grandson and I want my son to love my Nan the same way I do. She raised me into the somehwhat stubborn cow I am today and taught me that half-arsed just isn’t enough. I know my worth. She won’t be here forever, so she should be able to cherish her great grandson right now.

I have so many favourite moments in time it’s hard to pin-point. I’ll never forget the day Harvey was born, or the last day I spent with Joe before he died, or dancing in his kitchen at 15 years old to Let Her Go on the radio. All the times he kissed me goodbye and the last time he said he loved me. I’ll never forget kissing Harvey’s tiny toes and fingers when he was an hour old, the first time I ever changed a nappy, or every night I slept with him in my arms. So, here’s to 20, nearly 21, years of Being Me ❤

If you would like to hear more of Elizabeth, her links are below –


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